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Dan Bensen writes:

> >>Incidentally, Asian elephants have
> been known to exhume human carcasses and then eat them. Nice. <<
> Elephants don't have very good digestive systems.  No doubt they wanted to
pick up
> some extra nutrients from the meat.
Is there any way of telling this from the faeces if this was done without
seeing it being done previous?  Also, the way monkeys eat something, then
regurgitate it and eat it again - is any evidence of this left just in the
excrement.  Boy, I'd love to ask Karen Chin a couple of questions right now.
> Hey, and aren't lots of 'carnivores' known to eat vegetation for roughage?
> 'carnivory' and 'herbivory' are merely different gradations of omnivory.
Well that sounds feesible - after all if predator and scavenger are
different gradations of both (is there one word for predator and scavenger
combined?) It'd make sense that the two extremes of omnivory would be the
case too.

           Sam Barnett