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Re: Kakapo feather symmetry

At 22:27 19-11-1999 EST, you wrote:
>Does anyone know whether of not the primary wing feathers of the flightless 
>New Zealand parrot the Kakapo are symmetrical or asymmetrical? 
>G Paul
>Feduccia writes about it:
"Both aquatic forms (steamer ducks, grebes, and so on) and terrestrial forms
(mesites, kagu, kapapo, tapaculos, and others), though termed flightless,
flutter across the water ot, in case of terrestrial forms, occasionally fly,
sometimes gliding downward. The vane asymmetry of their flight ancestry is
therefore maintained. In some truly flightless terrestrial birds, such as
ratites and the flightless rail Gallirallus, the vane asymmetry is basically

Feduccia, 1999
The origin and evolution of birds
second edition pg. 386.

Fred Ruhe