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Re: how to surive and prosper after Armageddon

well.... champsosaurs start out small (as hatchlings), and small crocs
are known insectivores...so I could see a mess of the juveniles
surviving into adulthood (during a stressed post-KT period) by simply
retaining the feeding strategies of youth, and probably breeding and
starving to death rapidly at full adult size BUT leaving progeny that
could also survive as small insectivores.


dbensen wrote:
> >>However, even this is not quite a perfect fit.  Champsosaurs survived, and
> as far as I know there are no know *small* champsosaurs.  Also, at least
> one large-sized crocodilian survived the extinction.<<
> Well, there you could say that there were small crocs then, but they didn't
> fossilize, but I concede the point.

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