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Re: Jobaria and the Elephant Commit Suicide

In a message dated 11/21/99 12:42:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
mbonnan@hotmail.com writes:

> Okay, but more to the point: are these animals bending their knees while 
>  rearing or are they straight?

>From what I understand of the Sereno et al. tests, they were assuming bent 

>  [As regards squatting sauropods] My suspicion is the 
>  report by Larry Martin and Craig Sundell at SVP this year with the 
>  Camarasaurus?  They have found incredibly nice C. supremus specimens, one 
>  which appears to be "squatting," if by this you understand that the femur, 
>  crus (tibia and fibula), and pes are all pancaked on top of one another.  
>  This is "squatting" in a very loose sense -- all the bones are completely 
>  disarticulated from one another.

Yes, this is the find to which I was referring.

--Nick P.