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Atlasaurus correction/update

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: Atlasaurus correction/update

My apologies for a typo in the citation for Atlasaurus. The 
correct page numbers are 519-526.

The size of this critter is a bit hard to decipher from the 
very abbreviated article. There is a table that compares 
its major body parts with other sauropods relative to the 
estimated length of the dorsal vertebral column, given as 
3.036 m. The percentage for the length of the tail, 
however, is only given for the first 15 caudal vertebrae, 
which leaves the total length of the animal something of a 
mystery. My estimate, based on a few crude calculations, is 
the tip of the jaw to the 15th caudal is approximately 
10.03 m (34 ft)--add at least another 3 m. (10 feet) for 
the rest of the tail, and my guess is around 13-14 m (45-48 
ft). I looked up an earlier very preliminary description 
published in 1981 (C.R. 292 (2): 243-246), which gives the 
following dimensions: sacrum 105x100cm; longest rib 220cm; 
scapula 165 cm; humerus 195 cm, radius 123 cm; tibia 126 
cm, femur 200 cm. The limb proportions in the 1999 article 
are humerus:femur ratio 0.99; ulna:tibia ratio 1.15. I'll 
add some more details when I post a short description on