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Zupaysaurus correction

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: Zupaysaurus correction

I've been informed that the correct spelling for 
"Zupaisaurus" (my initial, crude, by-ear-only educated 
guess) is Zupaysaurus and that the description was supposed 
to come out this year. I was able to check in a dictionary 
of Argentine Spanish, and "zupay" (pronounced zoo-pie) is a 
borrowed Quichua word for the devil. Maybe this critter has 
"horns" that give it a devilish look (this speculation is 
only a guess--I couldn't tell much from what was shown on 
TV, but crests over the eyes are not uncommon in 
theropods!). The skull is supposed to be in great shape so 
I can't wait to see the formal description. (If you do a 
search on "zupay" via altavista, you'll get stuff 
on Argentine rock groups--apparently it's a cool name down