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Re: how to surive and prosper after Armageddon

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Betty Cunningham wrote:

> well.... champsosaurs start out small (as hatchlings), and small crocs
> are known insectivores...so I could see a mess of the juveniles
> surviving into adulthood (during a stressed post-KT period) by simply
> retaining the feeding strategies of youth, and probably breeding and
> starving to death rapidly at full adult size BUT leaving progeny that
> could also survive as small insectivores.

Presumably this could work for dinosaur juveniles too.  I realize that
they would grow more quickly and therefore require more bulk sooner.  But
what we are doing now is stipulating a length of time for the bolide's
effects.  It's got to be long enough to kill dinos, short enough to allow
croc survival.  This would seem a very narrow (i.e., unlikely) window of
opportunity for crocs.  And what was it about this particular length of
time that allowed for bird and mammal survival?  And, in any case, if we
are moving into a "nuclear winter" model, insect production is going to be
very low.