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Re: What is gen. indet. imperfectus?

In a message dated 11/21/99 6:49:52 PM EST, mickey_mortimer@email.msn.com 

<< I ran across the name gen. indet. imperfectus in Olshevsky's Asian dinosaur
 list and vaguely remembered it in The Dinosauria's faunal list.  Apparently
 named by Young at the same time as Sanpasaurus, he considered it generically
 indeterminate but assigned it to a new species (imperfectus).  This makes no
 sense to me.  Is naming a new species in an indeterminate unnamed genus
 allowed by the ICZN? >>

No, it's not. And it didn't make sense to anyone else, either. Eventually the 
species imperfectus wound up in the genus Sanpasaurus, itself no great shakes 
as a dinosaur genus, being maybe sauropod, maybe ornithopod, maybe a bit of 
both. One of these days someone will look the material over and prepare a