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Re: What is gen. indet. imperfectus?

At 03:47 AM 11/21/99 -0800, Mickey Mortimer wrote:
>I ran across the name gen. indet. imperfectus in Olshevsky's Asian dinosaur
>list and vaguely remembered it in The Dinosauria's faunal list.  Apparently
>named by Young at the same time as Sanpasaurus, he considered it generically
>indeterminate but assigned it to a new species (imperfectus).  This makes no
>sense to me.  Is naming a new species in an indeterminate unnamed genus
>allowed by the ICZN?
I doubt this is what is meant by the cited text.  I suspect it means
"imperfect material of indeterminate genus", and is not intended as a
*name* at all.  In Latin adjectives often follow the noun modified  (heck,
that is why the species name is second in scientific names).  So, I think
you would do better to just read this as a bit of Latin text.

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