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Re: how to surive and prosper after Armageddon

Betty the genius Cunningham writes:
> well.... champsosaurs start out small (as hatchlings), and small crocs
> are known insectivores...so I could see a mess of the juveniles
> surviving into adulthood (during a stressed post-KT period) by simply
> retaining the feeding strategies of youth, and probably breeding and
> starving to death rapidly at full adult size BUT leaving progeny that
> could also survive as small insectivores.

You know, I've been thinking about that over and over wondering if this is
the case then why other large creatures didn't survive the extinction.  Then
it dawned on me - another selective factor besides impact, volcanism,
atmospheric changes and stress could well be a large animal's ability to
breed young.  I could see how an adaptation towards breeding many and often
would be an advantage in these conditions, but it never crossed my mind that
their size at point of feesible conception might play a role in their
ability to hang on through trying times.  I don't believe any animal breezed
through an extinction event like this, but it certainly makes you appreciate
their determination if this is in fact the case!

Yours sincerely,
                         Sam Barnett

Being of questionable mood tonight as all the pictures I've done for my
website just got ruined  :(