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Re: Atlasaurus correction/update

On Sun, 21 Nov 99 16:55:34 +0000 bh480@scn.org writes:
> From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
> Subject: Atlasaurus correction/update

>I looked up an earlier very preliminary description 
> published in 1981 (C.R. 292 (2): 243-246), which gives the 
> following dimensions: sacrum 105x100cm; longest rib 220cm; 
> scapula 165 cm; humerus 195 cm, radius 123 cm; tibia 126 
> cm, femur 200 cm. The limb proportions in the 1999 article 
> are humerus:femur ratio 0.99; ulna:tibia ratio 1.15.

   The limb proportions sound suspiciously like those of  "Cetiosaurus"
*mogrebiensis*, which is from the late Bathonian of Morocco.  According
to *The Dinosauria*, "C." *mogrebiensis* has a humerus:femur ratio of
0.97 and a radius:humerus ratio of 0.62, while this information gives
*Atlasaurus* an h:f of 0:99 and a r:h of 0.63.  Could this new taxon be
the same as "C." *mogrebiensis*, or alternately could the "Cetiosaurus"
information come from a skeleton that actually belongs to *Atlasaurus*
and not to "C." *mogrebiensis*?  Or, could they be two similar but
distinct sauropods living in about the same area of the world at about
the same time, like *Barosaurus* and *Diplodocus*? 
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