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Re: Sinosauropteryx hand

Luis Rey wrote:

> Can someone tell me where can I find Phil Currie's skeletal reconstruction
> of Sinosauropteryx' hand? Has it been published? He presented some detailed
> transparencies at the SVP two years ago.

I'd like to see this published myself.  I don't know if Currie's children's
book, _A Moment In Time With _Sinosauropteryx_, illustrated by Jan Sovak,
includes this image.  (I doubt it).  However, there is Portia Rollings'
reconstruction of the _Sinosauropteryx_ arm (with the hand) on page 90 of the
July 1998 _National Geographic_ article, "Dinosaurs Take Wing."  If this
illustration had Philip Currie's blessing, then it should be reasonably
accurate.  As you know, there is also the Skrepnick restoration on this same
page; this is the painting which graces the cover of Currie and Padian's
_Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_.

You can see Tracy Ford's skeletal reconstruction of the hand in figure "D" (not
figure "C," as captioned) on page 83 of _How To Draw Dinosaurs, book 1_.  This
is a reprint of the article in _Prehistoric Times_ Number 34: pp. 14-16, and
the reconstruction is said to be based on information in the Chen, Dong, and
Zhen paper in _Nature_, volume 391:  pp. 147-152, which did not itself feature
a manus illustration, only some description and an illustration of one of the
fossil specimens in its matrix.

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com