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[Fwd: Re: Robert Bakker]

forwarded with permission as an FYI
This was originally posted in sci.bio.paleontology (except for the
kicking hiney part- that bit's new)

Please feel free to forward away!  I'm glad to have your help in
distributing the information.  

As you can see, the line-up is ambitious - and if this isn't the largest
Paleo gathering in the midwest, it will soon grow into the largest. 
Even so, we're very committed to putting on the best program for as low
a price as we can accomplish.  I'm a member of Field Museum and a
frequent visitor to Milwaukee Public Museum (happy to support both of
them!) but can't help feeling like we're kicking hiney big-time on this

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Subject: Re: Robert Bakker
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:44:31 -0800

Lonny Stark wrote:
> Here's another shameless plug, but I'll do it anyway.  If you're
> interested in attending a talk by Bakker, visiting with him, or getting
> a book signed, he's a keynote speaker for our Out Of The Rock Paleo
> Festival (Burpee Museum of Natural History, 737 N. Main, Rockford,
> Illinois) planned for March 2-5 of 2000.  Our tentative plan with Bakker
> is for three public talks - a talk on dinosaurs, a talk on tetrapods of
> the Late Paleozoic, and a dinner talk on dinosaurs.
> Shamelessly continuing this plug, our tentative plan also includes Paul
> Sereno as the second keynote speaker with a pair of talks, as well as
> talks by Klaus Westphal, William Hammer, David Bardack, Tom Gunsberg,
> Virginia Naples, Gabrielle Lyon, Benjamin Waggoner, Peter Larson, Larry
> Martin, and a spectacular display and fossil chat with Mike Everhart of
> the famed Oceans of Kansas website.
> Even more speakers are pending for this event, now in its second year,
> but visitors can expect at least 18 talks.  Five of the talks will be
> suitable for families with children seven yrs. and up.  With exception
> of the dinner talks, prices for talks are stunningly inexpensive.
> Adults $5 and children (under 18) $4 for each talk.  Members get a
> dollar off per talk.  A full schedule will be available within a few
> weeks, pre-registration is accepted and recommended - many of the talks
> sell out before the day of the event.  Anyone interested in getting on
> the early mailing list can send me a note by email.
> Lonny Stark
> Exhibits Director
> Burpee Museum of Natural History

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