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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #121

No sooner did I send off Dinosaur Genera List corrections #120 than two 
interesting news items arrived. First, Matt Lamanna wrote that Chinese 
sauropod Abrosaurus was scientifically described by Ouyang Hui (or Ou 
Yang-hui, as I interpret it) in the following publication (he is sending a 
copy but it hasn't yet arrived here):

Ou, Y.-H., 1989. "A new sauropod genus from Dashanpu, Zigong, Sichuan,"Newslet
ter of Zigong Dinosaur Museum 2:10-14 [in Chinese].

This was in response to my listing for Abrosaurus in the list of Chinese and 
eastern Asian dinosaurs. Accordingly, the entry for Abrosaurus in the 
Dinosaur Genera List becomes simply

Abrosaurus Ou, 1989

And if you have received a copy of my list of Chinese and eastern Asian 
dinosaurs, the entry for this genus should be changed to read:

Abrosaurus Ou, 1989
    A. dongpoensis Ou, 1989?
        = Abrosaurus gigantorhinus Ou, 1986 vide Zhang & Chen, 1996?
NOTE: This genus and species first appeared in the 1986 Master's dissertation 
of Ou Yanghui, but this is not considered formal publication under the 
International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Ou subsequently published the 
scientific description of the genus and its type species in 1989 in a short 
paper (in Chinese) in a poorly distributed Zigong Dinosaur Museum newsletter, 
so the author and date of these taxa is taken from there. Zhang & Chen (1996) 
redescribed the genus (in English) with type species Abrosaurus gigantorhinus,
 attributing this species to Ou's Master's dissertation as Ou, 1986, but 
since a dissertation is not a publication, their species A. gigantorhinus 
becomes a junior objective synonym of A. dongpoensis (it is based on the same 
type specimen).

[Be sure the generic and species names are everywhere italicized, and also 
the names Abrosaurus in the first line and A. dongpoensis in the second 
should be in boldface as well as italicized to conform to my typographical 

Then trusty Tom Holtz wrote:

<<The latest block of issues of Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences.
Science de la terre and des planetes is in.  Among them is ANOTHER new 
sauropod, this time a titanosaur from Thailand [sic--he meant Laos]:

<<Allain, R., P. Taquet, B. Battail, J. Dejax, P. Richir, M. Veran, F.
Limon-Duparcmeur, R. Vacant, O. Mateus, P. Sayarath, B. Khenthavong & S.
Phouyavong.  1999.  Un nouveau genre de dinosaure sauropode de la formation
des Gres superieurs (Aptien-Albien) du Laos.  C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris,
Sciences de la terre et des planetes 329:609-616.

<<The dinosaur in question is _Tangvayosaurus hoffeti_, named after the type
locality (Tang Vay, Savannakhet Province, Laos) and Josue'-Heilmann Hoffet,
discoverer of previous Laotian dinos.

<<Two partial skeletons are found, indicating it was a 15 m long primitive
titanosaur, similar to the Late J/Early K _Phuwiangosaurus_ of Thailand.
Although they don't run a phylogenetic analysis on this puppy, they have
observed macronarian, _Camarasaurus_ + titanosauriformes, titanosauriform,
and titanosaur features in the skeleton.

<<Femoral remains are similar those found by Hoffet and referred by him to
"_Titanosaurus" falloti_; however, the type material of the latter does not
possess autapomorphies and neither it nor _Tangvayosaurus_ show diagnostic
characters of _Titanosaurus_.  The authors consider Hoffet's taxon a nomen

His note says it all, and so we add genus #869 to the Dinosaur Genera List:

Tangvayosaurus Allain, Taquet, Battail, Dejax, Richir, Veran, 
Limon-Duparcmeur, Vacant, Mateus, Sayarath, Khenthavong & Phouyavong, 1999

With twelve authors, this genus falls short of the record 13 for Suchomimus, 
but beats the eleven of Jobaria.

Since it is from Laos, it also belongs in the China and eastern Asia list, so 
you may wish to add the following entry to it, in between the entries for Tala
rurus and Tanius, if you have received a copy of that list and want it up to 

Tangvayosaurus Allain, Taquet, Battail, Dejax, Richir, Veran, 
    Vacant, Mateus, Sayarath, Khenthavong & Phouyavong, 1999
    T. hoffeti Allain, Taquet, Battail, Dejax, Richir, Veran, 
        Vacant, Mateus, Sayarath, Khenthavong & Phouyavong, 1999?

[Be sure that Tangvayosaurus and T. hoffeti are in bold italics.]

Finally, a few copies of the China dinosaur list went out with the notation 
[juv.] following the type species of Bagaceratops. The holotype is considered 
an adult, so this notation should be deleted.