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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #122

Chinese paleo grad student You Hailu informs me, through Matt Lamanna, that 
Ouyang Hui is the correct way to spell the name, not Ou Yang-Hui. The surname 
is (unusually so) a double character.

Accordingly, the DGL listing for Abrosaurus should be

Abrosaurus Ouyang, 1989

and in the list of Chinese and eastern Asian dinosaurs, Ou Yang-Hui should be 
replaced by Ouyang Hui, and Ou by Ouyang, everywhere appropriate. This 
affects the entry for Abrosaurus and also the listing for Mamenchisaurus 
youngi. These are the only names to be affected by this change, as far as I 
can recall.

If these typographical corrections seem a bit overbearing, I will email an 
updated version of the China dinosaur list to anyone who wants one. Simply 
overwrite the old version with new one when you download. Be sure to specify 
whether you need RTF file.