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Atlasaurus (and its neighbors)

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: RE: Atlasaurus (and its neighbors)

The following item is news to me and comes from the 
description of Atlasaurus:
"a giant sauropod indicated by a trackway [Breviparopus, 
which I knew about] (Ishigaki, 1989) and the longest 
sauropod femur known (2.36 m; Charroud and Fedan 1992)." 
This giant bone would appear to belong to the trackway-
maker called Breviparopus and indicates a huge sauropod 
from the Middle Jurassic. The reference is:
Charroud, M. and Fedan, B. 1992. Donnees preliminaires sur 
la decouverte du gisement de Boulahfa a dinosauriens (SW 
de Bouleman, Moyen Atlas central) [Preliminary data on the 
discovery of a dinosaur deposit at Boulahfa) (SW of  
Bouleman, central Middle Atlas)]: Le Maroc, promontoire 
africain entre la mediterranee at l'Atlantique, Livre a la 
memoire de Georges Choubert, Notes Mem. Serv. geol. Maroc,