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Re: Atlasaurus (and its neighbors)

In a message dated 11/23/99 3:49:44 PM EST, bh480@scn.org writes:

<< "a giant sauropod indicated by a trackway [Breviparopus, 
 which I knew about] (Ishigaki, 1989) and the longest 
 sauropod femur known (2.36 m; Charroud and Fedan 1992)." 
 This giant bone would appear to belong to the trackway-
 maker called Breviparopus and indicates a huge sauropod 
 from the Middle Jurassic. >>

There is a partial femur recorded for Bruhathkayosaurus from Late Cretaceous 
of India that is 75 cm across the distal condyles and, if complete, would 
have approached 3 meters in length. Sauropod femora are >roughly< 4x as long 
as their distal condylar width. The tibia of Bruhathkayosaurus alone is 2 
meters long. (That's assuming these remains have been correctly identified as 
dinosaurian, sauropod, etc.; it was originally described as a theropod[!]).