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Wanted: Foreign Language Dinosaur Translators/Writers

As many of you may know, I recently launced a new website, Dinos International. 
 The aim of this site it to spread dinosaur news and research topics throughout 
the world.  In order to do this I have posted articles in as many languages as 
I can.  As of now we have fully functioning English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, 
and Swedish pages (including articles and links pages).  We also have German 
and Italian links pages, but no German/Italian articles.  

Now, I would love this site to expand, but I am in dire need of 
German/Spanish/Italian/Polish/Norwegian/Danish translators.  If you are 
interested in either writing original articles or translating my articles 
please contact me off list.  

I am also interested in anyone who would be interested in writing articles in 
French, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, or even English, too.

While I cannot compensate you with money, you will have your own forum where 
you can regularly express your views, post articles, make announcements, etc.  
Plus, you will be aiding in the quest to spread dinosaur research and news 
around the world.

Also, anyone who can speak another language is encouraged to please add Dinos 
International to their lingual search engines.  I would deeply appreciate this.

By the way, you can find Dinos International at:

Thank you for your help,

Steve Brusatte
Dino Land Paleontology

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