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Re: Theories on the extinction of dinosaurs

In a message dated 11/23/99 2:38:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:

<<  We have smoking gun; what more do you need? >>

Well, we have the smoking crater.
I'm wondering what evidence would prove the impact to be the primary cause of 
extinctions, as opposed to only one among a number of causes.  
As you observed, 'There may have been secondary causes..., there may have 
been more distant causes,... [t]here are undoubtedly other causes of mass 
extinctions besides asteroid impact. There may be reasons why K-T impact was 
deadly [when} others were not and... [the] details of how asteroid impact 
accomplished this sweeping feat [require further examination].' 
These seem like reasonable factors to examine before asserting the primacy of 
the impact.  How else could you distinguish between a single and a proximate 
>From here, a solution would require a substantial degree of precision from 
the fossil record.
I've enjoyed reading about the warm/cold blood and dino/bird discussions.  
Here's another topic that seems to require considerable analysis.