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Re: Theories on the extinction of dinosaurs

Three Cheers -- Rah, Rah, Ray!!!
I made a similar request before seeing that you had beat me to it.  The only
crater that I can think of that may possibly rival Chixulub is the VanDerVoort
Ring (sp?) in Africa, but I don't remember its date or other specifics.  I'd be
interested in knowing whether there were any extinctions associated with it.


>     Certainly, the energy calculated to have been involved in forming the
> Chesapeake impact structure (approximately 35.5 million years of age) does
> not even come close to the energy liberated in the Yucatan impact.  The
> impacting body in the Chesapeake event (although the Chesapeake was yet to
> be formed at the time of the impact, of course) has been estimated at 2 -
> 2.5 miles in diameter, compared to the maybe 6 or 6.5 -mile-diameter
> impacting body said to have been involved in the Yucatan event.

Assuming the same velocity, Chixulub energy liberated would have been 14 to 34
times greater for the size ranges given

>  Even if the Yucatan impact involved only a 5-mile-diameter object, the
> comparison isn't
> even very close.

 8 to 15 times times greater