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RE: Vredefort

It's also worth bearing in mind that although the crust is fairly brittle,
the mantle and core are relatively soft and could absorb impact quite well. 

Do we know how solid the moon's "core" was, when it's last big impact period
happened? i.e. is it a fair comparison? - maybe Mars is a better example?

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On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Ilja Nieuwland wrote:
> I am certainly no expert at this, but doesn't all this rather beg the 
question how much impact the earth can bear before its structural integrity 
is compromised? If a 'mere' one-mile diameter projectile can produce all
maehem (one million Krakatoa explosions is quite expressive), then where
a five of more-diameter comet leave us?

Well, from the standpoint of a biologic, yes, it's bad, but look at the
moon. It took some pretty big hits and it's a lot smaller than the Earth.