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Pachycephalosaur papers

Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help me with the following
problem. For a couple of years I'm searching for photocopies of the
following two papers:

*Gilmore, C. W. 1924. On Troödon validus, an orthopodous dinosaur from the
Belly River Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada. University of Alberta Bulletin,
Department of Geology 1 : p. 1-43.

*Sues, H.-D. 1977. The anatomy and relationships of Stegoceras validus
Lambe (Reptilia : Ornithischia) from the Judith River Formation of
Alberta. University of Alberta Msc. Thesis, 183 pp.

Maybe I can get them through interlibrary loan, but the problem is that I
have to know in which foreign library they may have a copy of these two
papers. I have already searched for it in the libraries of Belgium, France
and the Netherlands, but without any luck. That's way I was wondering if
some of you know a libary where they could have a copy of either one of
these papers and how I can get in touch with them. 
Maybe their's even an easier way to obtain the MS thesis of Dr. Sues?

Thanks in advance for all you help.


Nick Snels