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Re: Big Craters

James R. Cunningham wrote:

> While we're on the subject of big craters, there is an unreported, highly 
> eroded,
> central dome and ring located in southern Illinois, diameter inside of ring, 
> 43
> mi, plus or minus about a half mile & diameter outside of ring, about 80 plus
> miles, give or take a mile or two.  I first noticed this thing on water 
> resource
> maps of the US, but it shows up on LandSat, Shuttle images, DEM's of Illinois,
> earthquake epicenter maps, gravitational anomoly maps, and magnetic anomoly
> maps.  I think it is a very old upwelling rather than an impact, but will 
> send an
> image to anyone who is interested (caution -- the image is Big).
> Jim
> Gautam Majumdar wrote:
> snipped