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Re: Theories on the extinction of dinosaurs

Hi Pat,
Thanks for doing the hard part of the work.  I have a tendency to just dredge up
memories of stuff I read 40 years ago.  I did indeed mean Vredefort -- just got

Re your note below -- perhaps an impact of this magnitude could be expected to
cause an extinction or two?

Be sure to scarf down an extra turkey wing for me tomorrow.


Patrick Norton wrote:

> Based on the references provided below, the Vredefort Crater in Africa (I
> think this is what was meant) appears to be about half the diameter of
> Chicxulub (~140 Km v ~300 Km). It's interesting to note that the American
> Geophysical Union considers Chicxulub to be possibly one of the largest
> craters produced in the inner solar system in the last 4 billion years.
> We're not talking about the center of the bell curve here.