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Dinosaur rampage sparks Tassie Mania

I saw this in the Melbourne Herald/Sun. I suspect the original letter was a
joke... them again it WAS from Tasmania... :)

>Dinosaur rampage Sparks Tassie Mania

>Outrage is expressed by "Very Concerned Bushwalker" in yesterday's "Advocate", 
>the admirable organ of record for north western Tassie.

>VCB says that, to his horror, he read that Tasmania was used in the production 
>of TV's miraculous "Walking With Dinosaurs" series.

>"I think it's disgusting that these live, 40 tonne, man-eating creatures 
>should be released into one of our premier national parks", he thunders. Quite 

>I'm sure we all share his concern. But not, mercifully, his water supply.

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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