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Re: Vredefort

At 03:39 PM 11/24/99 +0100, Ilja Nieuwland wrote: 
> I am certainly no expert at this, but doesn't all this rather beg the
> question how much impact the earth can bear before its structural integrity
> is compromised? If a 'mere' one-mile diameter projectile can produce all this
> maehem (one million Krakatoa explosions is quite expressive), then where
> would a five of more-diameter comet leave us?

With a bigger crater.

The Earth is HUGE.   It was struck with a mars-sized body once, early in its
history.  It survived, well except that a lot of material was thrown into
orbit, and later coalesced to form the Moon.  Nothing currently in the asteroid
belt is large enough to actually compromise the integrity of the *Earth*. 
Some, like Ceres, might be continent busters, but continents per se are
superficial structures as far as the Earhth is concerned.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com