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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #123

In going through the Dinosaur Genera List looking for African dinosaurs, I 
made slight corrections to two of the listed genera. These should now read as 

Likhoelesaurus Ellenberger, 1970 [nomen nudum]*

Tenantosaurus Brown vide Chure & McIntosh, 1989 [nomen nudum]

In the former, the date changes from 1972 to 1970 and an asterisk is added 
because this is probably a thecodontian rather than a dinosaur; and in the 
latter, the nomen nudum notation had been inadvertently omitted.

To the Asian dinosaur list that I've sent to a number of people, please add 
the following dinosaur genus and species, also inadvertently overlooked:

Saurolophus Brown, 1912
    ?S. krischtofovici Riabinin, 1930 [nomen dubium]
    ?S. angustirostris Rozhdestvensky, 1952

A preliminary Dinosaurs of Africa and Madagascar list, in the same format as 
the Dinosaurs of China and Eastern Asia list, is now available free to anyone 
who emails me a request. It prints out in ten pages--quite a bit shorter than 
the China/Asia list. Be sure to specify rich text format if you have a Mac, 
unless you're sure you can read a Windows WordPerfect 6.1 file.