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Re: Saturnalia, Atlasaurus, Zupaisaurus

dorsal vertebral column) a larger skull, shorter neck,
longer tail and more elongated limbs. The presence of

Is there any indication of how much of the skull is known? It appears that Africa is now giving the long need sauropod skulls. The detailed description of this beast should be delight. But I have one question as why Russel and Taquet publish their stuff in such inaccessible journals. Is it that their material is really not worthy of a better place?

long. Andrea Arcucci showed the well preserved skull
it was more closely related to Jurassic and Cretaceous

This Zupaysaurus? Any idea how old these deposits are ? Would it mean that this is a neotheropod that is of the same antiquity as the Herrerasaurs and early Ceratosaurus ?

Another question: is Aliwalia rex still a staurikosaur? or is it an indeterminate archosaur? Finally is the name staurikosaur or herrerasaur cosidered more appropriate by the taxonomic nitpickers?

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