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PALEONEWS:More Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found in Guangdong Guangzhou

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November 25
More Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found in Guangdong Guangzhou,

A great number of dinosaur fossils have already been found in the same

An archaeologist with the county museum said that it is rare to find so
many of these fossils in one location, and this find is of great
scientific value. 

According to experts, judging by the fossils, the dinosaur eggs belong
to the late Cretaceous Period of about 65 million years ago. 

Shixing ZCZC M09-B25-0087 11-25 07:07 County has come to be known as
"the hometown of dinosaurs" because of the dinosaur skeleton, tortoise
shell fossils, and dinosaur eggs that have been found at more than 200
places in the county since the 1980s. 

The county government authorities of Shixing are considering turning the
northeastern dinosaur-skeleton and egg-fossil rich region into a tourist

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