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Tyrannosaurs with leathery skin, etc.

Dinosaur restorations depicting leathery-
("elephant-") skinned animals are often criticized
based on fossil evidence that some dinosaurs had scaly

_Pelecanimimus_ at least apparently had smooth skin
(and presumably feathers).  So what about
_Tyrannosaurus rex_?  That ballyhooed skin imprint was
only *associated* with the T. rex find, correct?  

So, assuming it had feathers when newly-hatched as is
currently being knocked about (a big assumption), and
then shed its feathers as it grew, what would be left
skinwise on an adult animal?  Animals don't develop
scales as they age, do they?  Does this lead to
elephant-skinned tyrannosaurs?

Further to this, if _T. rex_ chicks (or whatever the
hell they are called) had feathers for insulation, how
would "non-coelurosaur" theropod chicks be any
different in terms of a need for feathers?  

So ....


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