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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #124

As I continue to compile the Checklist of Dinosaur Species by Continent, I 
occasionally encounter things that need to be corrected in the master 
Dinosaur Genera List. This time I note a more correct date for Aeolosaurus, 
annotation for Daptosaurus, and attribution for Archaeoraptor. And the dates 
for Antarctosaurus and Laplatasaurus should be changed from 1927 to 1929; the 
1927 reference to those genera does not really contain their formal 
description. So these entries should now read:

Aeolosaurus J. E. Powell, 1987
Antarctosaurus von Huene, 1929
Archaeoraptor Czerkas vide Sloan, 1999 [nomen nudum]
Daptosaurus Brown vide Chure & McIntosh, 1989 [nomen nudum]
Laplatasaurus von Huene, 1929

Also, for consistency, I'll be changing the name J. Powell to J. E. Powell 
wherever I encounter it in the List.

And I've found a couple more Asian species that eluded my first few passes 
through my species lists:

Antarctosaurus von Huene, 1929
    = Antarctosaurus von Huene, 1927 [nomen nudum]
    ?A. jaxarticus Riabinin, 1938 [nomen dubium]
        = Antarctosaurus jaxartensis Kuhn, 1965 [sic]

Euronychodon Telles Antunes & Sigogneau-Russell, 1991 [nomen dubium]
    ?E. asiaticus Nessov, 1995

In the latter, the first Antarctosaurus and the ?A. jaxarticus should be in 
bold italics; the second Antarctosaurus and Antarctosaurus jaxaretensis 
should be in plain italics; and the Euronychodon and ?E. asiaticus should be 
in bold italics. Latin phrases are in plain italics throughout, of course. 
Please add these entries to the Asian dinosaurs file at the appropriate 

Finally, I'm happy to note that my third continent file, for dinosaurs of 
South America, is now ready (though still being tuned). It is slightly 
shorter than the Africa/Madagascar file, at nine printed pages.