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Early Evolution of the Tyrannosauridae in Asia

This just arrived in the mail this week.

Manabe, M., The Early Evolution of the Tyrannosauridae in Asia, Journal of
Paleontology (vol. 73 No.6)  pp 1176-1178.

" An isolated premaxillary tooth of a tyrannosaurid from the Lower
Cretaceous section of the Tetori Group, Central Honshu, Japan, complements
Siamotyrannus, which is based upon an incomplete postcranium for existence
of tyrannosaurids in the Early Cretaceous of Asia.  The occurence of a
tyrannosaurid tooth in the Japanese early Early Cretaceous further supports
 the possibility that tyrannosaurids originated during the Early Cretaceous
in Asia and migrated to North America when the two continents were
connected via a land bridge during the early Late Cretaceous.  Thickening
of the premaxillary teeth might have predated the increase in body size in
tyrannosaurid evolution."
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