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Use of multimedia in museums?

        Hi everybody,

                Sorry if some had multiple posting, I had to be in touch with 
as much
people as I could, fast.

        I am looking for information on the use of multimedia in Natural science
museums ( mainly fossils and dinosaurs museums ). I'm thinking of taking a
course in this field ( multimedia ). I had begun studies in geology wich I
liked very much, but because of a health problem ( osteoporosis )I had to
stop thinking of being a paleontologist some day. I even had to stop
working in my present job. I'm 43 years old! So I decided to follow the
river where life is bringing me and reorient my carreer (maybe) in

So I have a few questions to ask :

-I'd like to know what are the needs of museums in using multimedia
applications in their fossils presentations?

- Do you think that the use of multimedia presentations in museum
environment is growing or has a good future?

-Since my main interest is in dinosaur, fossils and ancient worlds, I'd
like to be doing these kind of presentation. In doing this, I'd stay in
touch with paleontology. I'm forseeing a good buseness oportunity in this
field for me. Am I right?

If there is some people on line, working in these museum and willing to
share these informations with me, I'd be happy to have some feedback from
you please. I'm sure some of you have a good opinion to share to give me

>From Denis Bombardier (:­)>
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