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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #125

Well, the dinosaurs of North America are now ready--or at least, a 
preliminary version of it. It's huge: 41 pages printed. And of course I found 
a few more things to correct in the first three files, as well as a 
correction to the Dinosaur Genera List. Some files have been sent with their 
corrections already in place, so this is just a check.

In DGL, I'm changing the entry for "Unicerosaurus" to read as follows:

Unicerosaurus Baugh vide Armstrong, 1987 [nomen nudum]*

because the name was coined by creationist Carl Baugh, then debunked by 
Armstrong in his article.

In the continent lists, remove entry for Scaphonyx from African list and 
place into South American list. (My memory is faulty for non-dinosaurian 
genera these days.)

And remove entry for Ornithosuchus from Africa list; it is Scottish form, not 
African (yipe!). It will be in European dinosaur list (forthcoming).

Finally, add these entries to African list:

Rhopalodon Fischer de Waldheim, 1841*
    R. wangenheimi Fischer de Waldheim, 1841?
        = Rhopalodon wangheimii Pictet, 1853 [sic]
NOTE: This genus was considered dinosaurian by Sauvage (1883) because of its 
similarity to Pareiosaurus [sic], Anthodon, and Tapinocephalus. It is listed 
as both a titanosuchian (synonym of Brithopus Kutorga, 1838) and a 
dinocephalian by Romer (1956). It is listed as an estemmenosuchid 
titanosuchian in Carroll, 1988.

Stegosaurus Marsh, 1877
    ?S. madagascariensis Piveteau, 1926 [nomen dubium]*
NOTE: This species is likely crocodylian rather than dinosaurian (T. L. Ford, 
pers. comm.).

And here's one to add to South America:

Pisanosaurus Casamiquela, 1967
    P. mertii Casamiquela, 1967?

Dunno how I overlooked it (double yipe!). As usual, italicize the Latin words 
in the new entries, and in addition boldface the generic names and species 
names in their "header lines."