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Re: Tyrannosaurs with leathery skin, etc.

Nick Longrich <nrlongri@midway.uchicago.edu>

writes (snipped)
> We're on similar wavelengths- the triangular obturator looks
>coelurosaurian. I think the lack of skid-like chevrons makes the thing
>outside tyrannosauridae+maniraptoriformes. But the evidence is really
>pretty meager for Compie.

What's meager about Compsognathus? I've had a good look at the thing and its
a stunning fossil - ok the skull is a bit mashed, but the limb bones are
fabulous - good 3D, and more detail than the G.d. I had for Sunday lunch.
Hasn't anybody looked, or is it just all primitive/uninformative?