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RE: Confusion over classification of dinosaurs

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> Mike Keesey
> >        4. Were there any known sauropods that survived right up
> until the end
> > of the cretaceous?
> Yes. _Alamosaurus_, for one. Sauropods were more common in Gondwana than
> in Laurasia during the Cretaceous, and I don't think there are any
> Gondwanan late Maastrichtian deposits (correct me if I'm wrong).

The inter-trappean deposits of India (that is, those sedimentary units which
lie WITHIN the Deccan Traps flood basalts) contain some titanosaur material.
So, there are some sauropods known in the latest Maastrichtian of Gondwana.

Also, the precise ages of the various Argentine sedimentary units are not
yet fully established: it is possible that some might be late Maastrichtian.

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