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Re[2]: Nick Hotton

     I want to add my memories of Nick Hotton to those of Josh and Tom.  I 
     first met Nick as a green VP grad student in 1973, when I went to the 
     Smithsonian to look at _Stegosaurus_ plates.  He immediately struck me 
     as a living leprechaun, albeit much taller than the average 
     representative of the wee folk.  There was a bounciness or bubbliness 
     to Nick that made him a great person to be around.  He was just so 
     enthusiastic about paleo, and so helpful to visitors.  He was one of 
     my favorite people in the business.
     I wish him well as he begins prospecting for dicynodonts in that great 
     bonebed in the sky.  Or maybe he is now associating with genuine, 
     living, breathing individuals thereof?  Now THAT'S my idea of an 

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