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Re: PALEONEWS: T. Rex Skeleton Found in S.D.

Malcolm Ritter masquerading as Betty Cunningham and quoting Bakker wrote ;)
>  But ``the jaws are 100 percent adult,'' armed with ``massive
> bone-crushing teeth.'' That suggests it ate an adult diet, even though
> it didn't appear strong enough to wrestle  large prey to the ground, he
> said. So apparently Mom or Dad hunted the meals, and Junior showed up
> later to munch, he said.
>  Holtz said that's a possibility, but not the only one.
So what are the other possibilities - diet of smaller animals?  I use the
term "smaller" quite liberally, after all this animal's just a bit bigger
than Ceratosaurus - How gangly is it that it can't hunt for it's own meals?
Is there any way of seeing a photo of this specimen?

Sam Barnett