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Re: Amargasaurus

>> Bison
have neural projections similar to that of _Ouranosaurus_ and _Spinosaurus_
and they have humps, not sails. <<

That's from an old Discover.  I have no problem with Ouranosaurus and Spinosaurs
humps, although I think a hump on spinosaurus wouldn't look that great, but,
looking at the spines of Amargasaurus, I don't think any correlation can be
drawn.  For one thing, the spines of Amargasaurus are paired, not single and
paired vertebrae don't form a hump, they form a cleft-back.  The spines on the
neck, also, are much too narrow at the top to support anything muscular.  Also, 
can argue that the reason that many desert animals had those spines is becuase a
membrane supported by them would radiate heat, not that it supported a hump, but
that's beside the point.