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Re: Nick Hotton (3)

As with Drs. Farlow and Holtz, I would also like to briefly share my feelings 
on Nick Hotton.

He was one of the first paleontologists I interviewed for my various projects.  
Actually, Dr. Hotton didn't have e-mail, so I sent a message to the Smithsonian 
scouting him out.  One day I got home from school and my mother told me I got a 
call from some guy from the Smithsonian.  She didn't have any clue who he was, 
but regardless, they made small talk for a few minutes before she told him that 
I would be home a little later.

Sure enough, an hour or so later Dr. Hotton called me from his home and we 
chatted.  It was then when I learned that he once lived in LaSalle, Illinois, 
some 15 miles from my home in Ottawa, Illinois.  He also went to the local 
junior college for a few years, in the 1930's!  Now the juco is known as a 
different name!

Dr. Hutton was also one of the nicest paleontologists I have talked to (along 
with Drs. Holtz and Farlow, of course!).  Another great guy who I interviewed 
was Jack Sepkoski, who also passed away shortly after our talk.  Both men were 
quick to help and answer questions for me, a simple apprentice in this large, 
odd world of paleontology.

And, yes, he was also a great and monumental scientists.  I will always 
remember him, aside from our talk, as the "Cold Look at the Warm Blooded 
Reptiles" man.  Of course, he also told me a lot about his field work in Texas 
and his studies of lizards.  A very interesting man, a man who will be deeply 
missed, and a void in paleontology that will not be able to be filled.


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