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[Fwd: Dr. John Ostrum walking stick]

forwarded from vrtpaleo list without any permission whatsoever ;]

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Subject: Dr. John Ostrum walking stick
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 22:38:39 EST
From: Cpaleo@aol.com
Reply-To: vrtpaleo@usc.edu
To: vrtpaleo@usc.edu

Dr. John Ostrum has recently agreed to sign a hand carved walking stick
to be 
auctioned off by The Paleobiological Fund to support the Fund's student 
research grant program. The Fund's student research grant program
students who conduct research in the areas of paleobiology/paleontology 
without geographic or taxonomic restrictions.  The walking stick has a 
depiction of Archaeopteryx, Protoavis, and several insects.  It also
an inscription by Dr. Ostrum regarding the Kansas school board's recent 
decisions about the teaching of evolution.  The winning bidder will also 
receive five photos of Dr. Ostrum holding the walking stick.  The
stick will be available on Ebay for the next 6 days (www.ebay.com) and
can find the walking stick by typing 211288991 in Ebay's search field or 
click here to go directly to the auction: 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for
support of The Paleobiological Fund.
All the Best.
Curtis Bentley