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    I had originally been told St. Louis, but I understand that something
else is in the works (rumored to be even better than only one location!).
Can any of the people in the know, let the rest of us on the list know yet?

        Allan Edels

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From: Seosamh <seosamh@chesapeake.net>
To: gobi2010@hotmail.com <gobi2010@hotmail.com>
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Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 6:20 PM
Subject: Re: DINOFEST

>GOBI 2010 wrote:
>> Does anyone know if Dinofest 00 will be in Chicago? I'm going on a trip
>> there with a class, and am hoping to time it to be able to see it...
>> This is very important to me, so any help or knowledge would be
>> Also, if any of U live in Chicago, possibly we could meet and chat or
>> something somewhere on the trip?
>> Thanks,
>> -
>> Jesssii W.
>I had asked here about a week ago. When we went to Philly for
>the last Dinofest, I had bookmarked dinofest.org which doesn't
>work now. The official site appears to be www.dinofest.com, and
>there is no news there about the upcoming site.
>I had heard St. Louis, then in rumor both Chicago, which would
>be fun, and Washington, DC., which we be so convenient that I'd
>need to get the economy size admission package. (I work 1 mile
>outside D.C.)
>I'm sure the news will be all over this list once something is
>official (perhaps before <G>), but I've been looking very hard
>for some time, like you, and haven't turned up anything definite.
> Later,
> Joe