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Re: Cite correctlly (Re: Limbs and niche partitioning)

Hi Dino List,

Actually it was Alistair Hardy who suggested it to her in the 1960s. And no
evidence? Hardly... but this is not the forum for discussing it. It was an
interesting parallel theoretically and I still wonder if there was an
aquatic phase for archosaurs...


Email me off list if you want to argue...

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Subject: Cite correctlly (Re: Limbs and niche partitioning)

> On Fri, 1 Oct 1999 17:37:34 +1000, you wrote:
> >If so consider the aquatic ape theory of Elaine Morgan which seeks to
> >explain human bipedalism by postulating that a group of LCAs between
> >and chimps was isolated on an island roughly in the Afar Triangle c. 6-4
> >mya. They adapted to a partially aquatic life style and when the Afar
> >up the now bipedal apes rejoined their African cousins.
> Thr "aquatic ape" is a bullshit theory,first off (there's absolutely NO
> proof to support it), and second, Elaine Morgan plagiarized it from some
> turn-of-the-century French guy (as a matter of fact, I learned about it
> back in the 'sixties when Ivan T. Sanderson
> included it in his "Abominable Snowman" tome).
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