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Re: Yandusaurus

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999 19:44:36 -0700 dbensen <dbensen@gotnet.net> writes:
>    Hi again.  While going through the process 'fixing' the inaccurate
>dinosaurs in my webpages, I have come up to Yandusaurus.  One of the
>reasons I did an inaccurate drawing of the animal is that I have very
>little information about it.  Can anyone enlighten me?
>Oh, by the way.  Does anybody know anything about ornithopod feet?  

   Well, I can help with the first part.  If you have a copy of *The
Complete Dinosaur*, go to page 333, and you will see three Greg Paul
ornithopod skeletal restorations, the topmost of which is

>they look like theropod feet when on the living animal?

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