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Yimenosaurus correction, update

To: dinosaur@usc.edu
From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: Yimenosaurus correction, update

In working up the new entry for Yimenosaurus for the 
Pronunciation-Translation Guide on Dinosauria On-line, I 
noticed a goof in the translation of the citation I posted 
last week. The article title in fact refers to Yimen (the 
county) rather than Yuxi (the prefecture or region) in 
which the fossil was found in Yunnan Province. Blame a 
misreading of my handwritten notes on the photocopy of the 
Chinese article. Anyway, here's a more accurate 
translation of the title of the article (authors and 
journal title remain the same):

Bai Ziqi, Yang Jie & Wang Guohui, 1990. A new genus of 
prosauropod from Yimen (Yuxi region) of Yunnnan Province 
[Yunnan Yimen yuanxijiao lei yi xin shu]. Yuxi Cultural 
Organization [Yuxi Wen Tuan] 1: 14-23 +  Plate 1.  
(October 1990)

My apologies--heck, if NASA can mix up pounds and newtons, 
and fry a $125 million dollar spacecraft....

Additional information about Yimenosaurus: 3 sacral 
vertebrae; humerus 3/5 length of femur; tibia 2/3 length 
of femur. The authors classify this critter as a member of 
the Plateosauridae, which seems a bit questionable given 
the unusual high and short skull, very reminiscent of a 
primitive sauropod.