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Walking with Dinos

First episode of the BBCs new series Walking with Dinosaurs last night. The
computer animation is pretty awesome. I expected it to be like Jurassic
Park on the cheap, but I for one couldn't see the joins. The program-makers
have been quite cute in shooting it like a wildlife documentary. The lack
of discussion about various aspects of dinosaurian
biology/ecology/behaviour matches pretty well with the lack of discussion
about such things in wildlife documentaries as a whole: a neat way of
skirting the intellectual minefield that is dino-ology rather than
attempting to tip-toe through it (your average viewer, after all, won't
follow too far into a minefield, led by the hand or not).

Hence the cringe-worthy bits of bald assertion that people have mentioned
on this list. Very interesting to learn that cynodonts mate for life and
eat their young if threatened. Refs anyone? This was unforgivably over the
top, but it was the only full-body cringe in the program for me (those with
greater knowledge and/or stronger opinions will undoubtedly have other

Is this series a missed opportunity? For list members, undoubtedly. But for
the general public I think it'll be a big hit and stimulate a lot of
interest. Let's just hope they keep the cringes to a minimum in coming

Best to all