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Re: Joking With Dinosaurs

Well, we all know how these things work...:
(TV Person and Paleontologist discuss information to be put on the show)
TV Person:So, would you say that cynodonts mated in order to produce
viable offspring, thus maintaining life in the species?
Paleontologist:Well, of course, I mean all species...
TV Guy:Ok, ok (Writes down in pad:CYNODONTS MATED FOR LIFE)
TV Guy:Next, would yo say they ate their young, possibly when threatened?
Paleontologist:Well, there's evidence for cannibalism in the dinosaur
Coelophysis, but this can't be applied to the case in...
TV Guy:Yeah, yeah cynodont/Coelophysis, one dinosaur's as good as another.
This is paleontology, not rocket science.
Paleontologist: (SIGH)
TV Guy: Alright, now we're dealing with a critter bigger than T. rex here,

And so forth...

-Christian Kammerer