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Help identify historical photos; c. 1927, USA.

 I'm trying to identify some old paleo quarry photographs among others recently donated to our museum. This is in support of my recently started project; see my 1999 abstract: "Relocating the Lost Dinosaur Quarries of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada". Jour. Vert. Paleo., 19(3):80A.
 We are not entirely sure these unidentified photos represent a digsite in Alberta, as they were in a photo album among mounted photographs of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. The photographs show a small camp (crew size 2-3 maximum) with a sheepherders wagon being used as a camp kitchen. One person appears to be William Kelly who worked in Michigan, USA around this time. An older man, mostly bald and with an ARTIFICIAL LEG also appears in camp and on site. His right leg is missing ?below the knee and replaced with a wooden crutch-like structure. He looks a bit like George Gaylord Simpson did in his older days. These pics are dated roughly 1927. The quarry is small- maybe 15-20 feet across and 10-12 feet high and the men are splitting a light colored slate or shale; perhaps a leaf/fish locality?. The local topography is low hills with grass and numerous equally-spaced small sagebrush-type bushes. It looks like so many places I've seen in Idaho, Montana, southern Alberta, etc.
 Any ideas?? I have to think there were not many paleo-types hobbling around on an artificial leg in the Canadian/American west in the 1920's!
 Darren Tanke
 Tech. I, Dinosaur Research Program
 Royal Tyrrell Museum
 Drumheller, AB, Canada