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Re: Walking with Dinos

It started monday the 4th (that's worldwide animals day) on BBC1. Tonight
(wednesday the 6th) "The making of..." will be aired on the BBC (not sure if
it'll be BBC1 or BBC2). And I haven't checked yet, but I assumed that the other
5 actual episodes will be simply shown once a week, one every monday.

The documentary-style programs are very nicely done, the CGI is simply
unbelievable for "just a documentary" and the way in which speculations and
ideas about these creatures are presented as if it were established facts is
more than just annoying. So that's really no new information for you, I guess.

Don't know anything about any reruns or any information about showings on the
other side of the globe (and to be totally honest, nor do I care, really....
;-)). Hope you get to see the series soon! Whatever you think about it - either
before having seen it or after - you've got to see it...

Jarno Peschier