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Re: Walking with Dinos

>>The documentary-style programs are very nicely done, the CGI is simply
unbelievable for "just a documentary" and the way in which speculations and
ideas about these creatures are presented as if it were established facts is
more than just annoying. So that's really no new information for you, I guess.<<
I havn't seen the show yet:(, but I did make a point of visiting the BBC's 
and downloading all of the video-clips.  I think that in some cases, when 
making a
multimnedia production like this, you simply have to make wild assumptions about
dinosaur behavior.  I agree that some of the things they say are pretty 
but at some point, one persson's guess is as good as another's.  I think they 
have done better if they had paid some attention to the extant animals they were
imitating.  If they had digitized bird flight, for instance, and then plugged 
into the pterosaurs, it would have made them more convincing.  I really like the
underwater scenes, though.